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Customer Experience

Improve Customer Experience by Journey Mapping

Customer Experience Linked to Revenue Improving customer experience has a direct link to revenue.  If customers are happy, they stick around longer and buy more from your business over time. …


Goals For Your Website in 2016

If it isn’t already, improving your website needs to be at the top of your goals for 2016.  Since the new year is a magical time of year where you …


Management Dashboard

If you have a hard time knowing the how to measure the productivity and quality of your workers, you need to develop a management dashboard. The first step is thinking …


A/B Split Testing

Ever wonder if changing the color of a button would increase the likelihood of someone clicking on it?  Use A/B split testing methods to find out the answer! Contact us …


Measuring Metrics

How many people visit your site?  What are they doing when they are on your site?  What are you “contact us” conversion rates? If you can’t answer these questions, contact …