Project Management Framework

Applying a strong project management framework to the lean six sigma web consulting engagement keeps everything on track. It ensures that roles & responsibilities are clearly defined, the agreed upon scope and timeline is adhered to and the project stays within budget.

All too often, projects fail due to lack of visibility.  The key stakeholders in an initiative aren’t aware of the progress that’s being made of the challenges being faces.  This creates anxiety and unnecessary stress on the team members.  This can easily be avoided by scheduling regular touch points to update all of the key stakeholders.  Topics discussed will include key milestones achieved, progress on deliverables, challenges and any updates to the road map.  Also, this gives everyone a chance to ask questions or clear up concerns.

Project Management

Another major issues that can derail project success is scope creep.  Scope creep is trying to accomplish more than what was agreed upon.  Though opportunities outside of the agreed upon scope may arise, chasing after every one of them will delay success.  This can be mitigate by ensure that every effort ties back to the project charter.

Project Charter & Project Plan

The project charter is a document that’s jointly created in the define phase of the DMAIC methodology.  This document defines scope of the engagement – specifically the problem that the team is trying to solve.  For example, if the goal is to drive more traffic to your website, then not a lot of time should be spent in analyze what people do once they reach your website.  Though this clearly has value, efforts to analyze user actions on your site should be scoped in a separate project.

Adhering to the project plan – a Gantt Chart – will also increase the chances of project success.  We’ll create, update and drive the project to the plan.  Executing a project without a well-defined plan is like trying to steer a ship without a rudder!  We’ll ensure the project plan is up-to-date and communicated to the key stakeholders often.

When you engage the New York Consulting Company to improve your site’s performance, we’ll apply project management best practices.  This will help keep the project on track and put your mind at ease.