Lean Six Sigma Applied to Web Consulting

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a proven process improvement methodology that combines graphical, analytical and statistical tools. Also, it provides a structured approach to improve key performance indicators (KPIs). Traditionally applied in manufacturing, and more recently within the service and transaction industries, LSS also plays an important role in improving website performance.


When applied to the practice of web consulting, LSS provides a rich toolkit to help identify the critical root causes of poor website performance. Just a few KPIs can measure your site’s performance.  Examples of these key metrics are search engine click-through rates (CTR %) and the percent of site visitors that convert to sales leads (conversion %).  However, many companies don’t even track these critical website performance metrics. As a result, they often miss out on revenue (i.e. opportunity loss cost) due to their under-performing website.

LSS Black Belt Driving Success

When you hire us to assess your website, a certified lean six sigma black belt will lead the consultation. The black belt will be responsible for ensuring success of the consultation, apply the LSS toolkit, and follow the DMAIC process improvement approach:

  • Define: define the problem statement, goal statement and scope of the consultation
  • Measure: measure the baseline data for key performance metrics
  • Analyze: analyze the data to identify critical root causes of poor website performance
  • Improve: improve the website using best design/development practices to drive results
  • Control: control website performance to ensure the improvements are sustainable

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