DMAIC Drives Success

To help drive results, we’ll employ the DMAIC methodology while integrating Lean Six Sigma principals. ¬†Furthermore, this will help the project to adhere to the agreed upon timeline and budget.

Each phase of the DMAIC methodology had a specific focus and build off of one another:

  • Define: define the problem statement, goal statement and scope of the consultation
  • Measure: measure the baseline data for key performance metrics
  • Analyze: analyze the data to identify critical root causes of poor website performance
  • Improve: improve the website using best design/development practices to drive results
  • Control: control website performance to ensure the improvements are sustainable

The define, measure and analyze phases focus on scoping the problem and identifying the root causes of poor web performance. Whereas, the improve and control phases focus on designing, developing and implementing web solutions that will drive business results.

Through the integrated use of Lean Six Sigma tools, our goal is to design and develop actionable solutions that will optimize your website for business performance.

LSS Web Development

Web Development Beyond Coding

Many of the solutions we recommend go beyond coding. We focus on what will have the most impact on driving results, balanced by cost and effort to develop. Though tailored to address the critical factors to your site’s performance, each solution can be categorized into the following families:

  • SEO – search engine¬†optimization
  • Content writing & management
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Layout design
  • Page hierarchy
  • Lead generation
  • Conversion strate

Throughout the entire lean six sigma web consulting methodology, the DMAIC approach is driven by rigorous project management. This ensures that the scope stays on task and gets completed on time.

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