Lean Six Sixma Driving Website Performance

Our web consulting goes far behind what the latest and coolest design trends are. By applying a proven Lean Six Sigma (LSS) toolkit and rigorous project management, we’ll provide specific and actionable recommendations to improve your website’s performance. This leads to recommendations that are both data-driven and focus on performance optimization. However, other web consulting firms just give you what’s going to look flashy and sexy – that’s not us. Instead, we’ll help transform your site into an engine that drives the bottom line.

Data Driven Strategy


DMAIC Methodology

The tried-and-true DMAIC methodology ensures that the true root causes of website performance are addressed.


Lean Six Sigma Framework

Lean Six Sigma Applied to Web Consulting Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a proven process improvement methodology that combines graphical, analytical and statistical tools. Also, it provides a structured approach …


Project Management

The project management framework for your lean six sigma web consulting engagement keeps everything on track.