Improve Customer Experience by Journey Mapping

Customer Experience Linked to Revenue

Improving customer experience has a direct link to revenue.  If customers are happy, they stick around longer and buy more from your business over time.  Not only that, but they’ll tell their friends to check out your business too.

But if they have a bad experience when dealing with your business, don’t expect them to come back.  They’ll go to your competition and complain to their friends as well!

So what are you going to do to make sure that this doesn’t happen?  Start by really understanding what your customers’ experiences are when they interact with your products and services.  It’s tempting to just send out a quick survey to find out if a customer had a “happy” experience or not, but you’ll need to do more than that.  The only way to understand someone else’s experience is by walking in their shoes!

Journey Mapping

Journey mapping is a powerful tool to understand and improve customer experience. A journey map is a graphical representation of your customer’s experience as they step through your business processes. It documents the people and things that they interact with, along with the emotions they may feel at each touch point.

A good example of using journey mapping to improve customer experience is by focusing on a critical phase process, such as on-boarding a new customer. The first step is to define the scope of the process – the start and end points of the customer journey. If your company operates as a SaaS (software as a service), the start point could be someone visiting the website and ending with them successfully signing up for the service. The journey mapping exercise would step through the conversion and registration processes on your website from the eyes of the customer.

Journey Map
Oracle journey map example –

The team identifies opportunities to improve the customer experience once the journey map is created. These opportunities are moments that truly matter to the customer – peaks and valleys in their emotional responses when going through your processes.

An under-measured and under-analyzed critical metric is customer experience. Don’t make this mistake, especially because customer experience has a direct impact on your bottom line. Consider journey mapping as a powerful tool in the toolbox to improve this critical metric – now go use it!

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